Who am I?

I´ve been thinking for over a year about starting to express my opinions, experiences and thoughts through a public media plattform. However I´ve like many others out there struggled to throw myself out there. The last 2 years as an entrepreneur I´ve learned that you should not care what others think of you as long as you are happy and confident in who you are. I listen to the ideas that people have regarding things that concerns me, but do not let them define me and my thoughts. Still I was missing that final push to jump into writing and expressing myself, that was untill 2 days ago when I watched the phenomenal, Gary Vaynerchuck speak at the latest Web Summit in Lisbon.

I´ve been watching and getting inspired by the mindset and ideas of Gary Vaynerchuk for the last 2 months. Gary is an entrepreneur who has invested in many of the companies that we are frequent users of on a daily basis, like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. What Gary said while on stage in front of thousands hit me hard. It was the final push I needed to start writing. He said “Don´t just create content because everyone is doing it. Document what you´re doing and your journey. We are all media companies”. And this is what I´ve been dwelling on for the last year and now I am taking the final leap and doing it.

I´ve done the content building and producing for 2 years now through LustBox, which is something I love and find great. But people want to know more about the company. Our followers and members start following me on my personal Instagram which is not connected at all with the company, they add me on Facebook and Linkedin, and I love this. I love getting the engagement and feedback from them. It gives me motivation and inspiration. So from now on I will be easier to connect with and engage with for those of you who are interested. Add me on your favorite plattform and don´t be afraid of engaging with me.

Who am I? I am Paal Friele Grung, 25 years old and live in Oslo, Norway. I am a co-founder of LustBox and in the process of founding a watch company called Berg which I will launch in January 2017. I love traveling, exploring, people and everything I do. I also do love pizza.

Photo by @richkattt, follow him on Instagram.