Why you get taken for granted!


Part 1 of the rant series.

Why are some people (particularly women) under the impression that loving someone means doing EVERYTHING for them?

That m’dear is how to get taken for granted!

I see mothers doing it to their grown ass sons and husbands!

First of all, love is kind and kind is not watching someone slave over you. Kind is partnership.

Being their slave WILL NOT make them love you more. It makes them feel entitled.

For example:- My sister and I share the job of taking out the bins (weekly). On the days I do the job, I dread it, I hate the nasty smells and the wetness from the rain or whatever it is.

When it’s my sisters turn to do it! I am soooo grateful I don’t have to deal with the nastiness! Because I’ve done it just a week ago, I fully remember the effort it takes, therefore I appreciate my free week.

If my sister was solely responsible for taking out the bins. I would gradually forget the effort it takes and therefore end up taking her doing it for granted.


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