Winter Wear 101: Hoodie Facts to Know before Buying One

Hoodies or hooded sweatshirts is one of the few clothing apparels that has stood the test of time. Popular among men, women, and children, it has become a staple in most people’s wardrobe.

They are worn for the comfort they provide during the winters and for their casual style. Hoodies are available in a traditional pullover style or with a front zip along with the options of pockets and in a variety of solid colors or funky prints.

When it comes to men, there is an avalanche of hoodies to choose from. Each better than the other. While, individual preferences differ, there happen to be some common facts to know about hoodies before purchasing them. Read on to know about them.

  1. Hoodie Material: Manufacturers use a variety of materials in their hoodies to suit customer needs. Make sure to know the material you are comfortable with. These happen to be the most used materials to manufacture hoodies:

Fleece: It’s a material made from goat and sheep hair. They are soft to feel and easy to take care of. Fleece is a popular option for making hoodies due to the quality insulation it provides.

Cotton: It’s a standard material used frequently in India. Cotton is lightweight and is a good material to use for hoodies because of its long durability and ability to repel water.

Blend: A blend refers to the use of two materials to prepare something. When it comes to hoodies, expect blends to be cotton and polyester than any other material. Cotton helps in repelling water (a vital need during winters) and polyester helps to give a roughness due to which the hoodies last longer and aren’t damaged with rough use.

Hoodie Styles: Hoodies can be found in two styles more with different sleeve lengths. The first one with options of zipper and the other one being a pullover style.

Zip up hoodies: It’s often used by those who don’t want to spoil their hairstyles when they want to wear a hoodie. They can we worn unzipped over T-shirts or zipped over a neat shirt. It’s a great way to make people notice your style mantra.

Pullover Hoodies: They are used by those who dislike zips on their hoodies and prefer to style their hair after they wear their hoodie than before in the case of zip-up hoodies. Another advantage is the muff pockets which are super comfortable to dig one’s hands into during the cold.

Sleeves: Most hoodies come in a few choices when it comes to sleeves. While the most popular in the long sleeved one, there are choices of a quarter sleeve, a short sleeve, or going sleeveless. It all depends on when a hoodie is worn. A short sleeved or sleeveless one is worn during the summers while the quarter sleeved and full sleeved ones during winter. A few people go with layering and wear a long-sleeved T-shirt over a sleeveless hoodie during winters too.

Hoodie Designs: Most hoodies today come with many prints or design. From witty puns and slogans to team chants or abstract designs, there is a huge variety.

The best way to rock a hoodie would be to wear them over rugged jeans and smooth sneakers. There is no better style statement than a hoodie on jeans and sneakers.

4. Where to buy?
Purchasing a hoodie isn’t rocket science. It’s quite simple. There are many places which sell amazing hoodies for men. But, online shopping or E-commerce as we call it is the way to go.

For instance, Koovs has tied up with big brands like Adidas, Nike, Pepe Jeans, Jack & Jones and many more to offer the latest trends in men’s hoodies. They also offer options in sleeve lengths and colours in various sizes with some amazing discounts all year long. Now that’s a great place for hoodies.

Hoodies have always been a special garment for men. A guy wearing well fitted one always stands apart from the rest. Make sure, you get a right one this winter, and set the winter chill on fire with your style and charm.