Tourism in Sri Lanka plays a huge role in the economic system thus it has been the driving and living source of many. It has been recognized as a pillar of economic growth as well as a social unifier. Within the industry, women make up nearly 70% of the workforce. Women around the world play a significant role in the travel and tourism industry. It offers respectable, stable opportunities to under served populations who may not have benefited from formalized educations many of whom are women .

A tourism that fails to enhance women’s status socially and culturally would reinforce or worsen societal hierarchies involving gendered power relations. Studies have also shown that the seasonal and part-time low skilled jobs that characterize women’s employment in the tourism industry tend to mirror the social roles of women in patriarchal societies. Not surprisingly, the doors of tourism do not open to equal opportunities for women but to scary worlds of inequities and exploitation .The organization Road to Rights will be bringing all the women in Sri Lanka who are in the tourism industry will be gathered in order to encourage and find solutions for their problems, Stay tuned for more articles on whats happening and the out come ! If you have any suggestions please be free to comment .