You know, why I chose this title? Because, I am a woman. Now, on reading this you may feel that I am a really successful girl who can do everything herself and lead a life alone.

No, I can’t. I still depend on my mom to prepare my food, iron my dresses, oil my hair, take me to shopping… etc. You may feel, that I am still a child, cause I depend on her. NO. I am a girl who is lazy enough, to go through a book all day long without even moving out of my bed. I am a girl who can just eat what she wants without being in secured of gaining weight. I am the girl who can watch a film the whole night without sleeping a bit. I am the girl who can drunk a behave a bit high. I do all the things that makes me immature. But still I am a woman. And inspite of having so many bad habits, you will stare at me while I walk by. And my gait will tell that I better than all. Not because I have some super power, not because I am dressed perfect but because I am ME. I love myself. Inspite of having all the bad qualities, I desire… I desire for someone to hold me tight and not touch me their dirty intentions. I desire for someone who listens to me instead of advising me cause, sometimes I love to express rather than learn or listen. I want someone to go mad like me, instead of stopping me from being myself. I want someone to want someone to let me cry my heart out, instead of consoling me. I want someone to respect me more than loving me. I want someone to walking beside me along the path I choose, instead of guiding me to the right path. Yes, I am different rather different on a worse note but still you will love me.. My way of being myself.

I won’t change for you, I won’t be your guidance, I won’t love you more than myself, I won’t help you take your decisions,I won’t save you from making mistakes, I won’t be your better half, I won’t commit to you, I won’t be your ideal, but still I will be your favorite.

All, I will do is, be by your side all throughout my life. Provide my shoulder for you cry upon. Provide you with the energy to give a fresh start. And share your sorrows and joys.

You can’t expect me to be mature. You can’t expect me to stop the fights between us. You can’t expect me to be better than you. You can’t expect me to be organised. You expect me to be tidy all day. But you can always expect me to be by your side.

I am beautifully messed. I am immaturely mature. I am highly low. I am girly woman. I am lastly first. I am steadily unsteady. I am neatly untidy. I am nicely bad.

I don’t know, if this makes sense but, this is all that I am. I am a mystery like my write ups. A mystery all will love, inspite of the fact that it doesn’t help you find something best.

I am a woman with a carefree girl lying within me!