The field of health technology is booming right now and will continue to do so. We are living in a time of exponential technological growth and problems that seemed to be too complicated or complex before are now quickly solved with the help of apps. Many individuals are realizing that the health needs of men and women are completely different and companies are trying to develop new products and technologies that address things specifically for women’s health. These are some of the new products that are available or will be available soon and are geared towards women’s health and wellness.

Pap Smears That Can Be Done at Home

Regular pap smears are crucial for women to maintain good health from the ages of 21 until menopause. However, a lot of women don’t go to their yearly check-ups for a variety of reason — from awkwardness to simply not having enough time. Luckily, there’s a new do it yourself kit, available by Eve Medical, that actually allows women to perform the test themselves. After the woman completes the swab test she mails it back to the company so they can analyze the results. This product tests for a variety of sexually transmitted diseases. It’s currently only available online to Canadian residents but should be available in the United States soon.

Birth Control Anywhere, Anytime

Many women no longer have to rush out to the pharmacy when they run out of birth control thanks to Nurx. This company offers on demand birth control through their desktop platform or app. After the woman fills out her personal health information, she selects the type of birth control that she prefers. A doctor from Nurx will then get in touch with her, send a prescription to a pharmacy and arrange for it to be delivered. Women who utilize this service can get up to 3 months’ worth of birth control overnight. This service is available in only 4 states, but there are plans for it to expand in the future.

Endometriosis Test

In the past, the only way that a doctor could determine whether or not a woman had endometriosis is through invasive surgery. This new test simply requires the patient to have blood drawn and the results will determine whether or not she has this disease. Close to one in ten women are affected by endometriosis. In the past, it would take, on average, about eleven years for a woman to get a diagnosis of endometriosis. Since this disease makes it difficult to have children — by the time many women are diagnosed and start to receive treatment, their childbearing years are just about over. This late diagnosis can make it impossible for some women to have children. This mobile test shows promising results to curtail and diagnose endometriosis much quicker than through conventional methods. The test was developed by Heather Bowerman of Dot Laboratories.

Smart Breast Pump

One of the reasons why many women don’t breastfeed long term is that being attached to a pump when need breastmilk is not very convenient. Thanks to the new Willow Smart Breast Pump, women can easily pump their milk on the go and not have to be sedentary while they are trying to pump milk for their baby. The pump slips into mom’s bra and she can easily continue on with everyday tasks. There’s also an app that can be downloaded that tracks how much milk a woman actually collects with each pumping session. This new smart breast pump may make it easier for women to breastfeed for a longer period of time since it makes pumping milk so much more convenient and not a time-consuming process.


This new app allows women to find healthcare no matter what their ailment is. They can book a video appointment using the app and meet with a qualified provider in real time. Women can see anyone from nutritionists to nurse practitioners. Most patients who go to see a doctor are only seen for ten minutes or less. Many women skip making an appointment with a doctor because they feel like it’s a waste of time and money. This new app allows them to take charge of their health and fit in healthcare on their own schedule. They have also recently launched a maternity benefits program as well so that they can even help pregnant women with their needs. One of the other benefits of using this service is that the program will donate one dollar towards care to a woman in need for every appointment purchased.

WeMo/Nest/Smart Connections

WeMo Smart Switches and Nest Cameras make it simple and easy to monitor your home from anywhere in the world — provided you have an internet connection. As these apps become more and more functional and adoption increases many people find themselves wondering how they ever lived without a so-called “smart home”. One use, for example, is to have an LG Smart Security camera (with ADT Canopy) constantly monitoring a baby’s room in 1080p Hi-Definition. Not only can you see what is happening in real-time but you can hear and even talk to the baby from the device’s built-in speaker/microphone. It also includes a built-in humidity and temperature sensor. If the temperature falls too low or is too high, you can quickly turn an air-conditioner on or off with a WeMo Smart Switch so that the ambient room temperature is more comfortable. These are just some of the feature of a smart-connected house and the list keeps expanding.