It is an honor to help your child get ready to receive Jesus for the first time, as we all know, first communion would be the milestone during her life. As the parents, the below things you may know which would help you pick out the right 1st holy communion dresses.

Set your budget before you start shopping, and stick with it. It can be easy to get carried away looking at the beautiful dresses available for your little girl, so make sure you know what you can spend and then avoid looking at dresses outside of that range.

Start shopping as early as possible. Communion season is in the spring, so mid-winter (December and January) are the best times to start shopping. You’ll have the most selection and won’t be scrambling to find the right dress at the last minute.

Get the recommendations and rules of dress from your priest or parish. While there are no set rules for communion dresses, the general rules are that dresses should be white and modest. Individual parishes often have their own set of rule, so be sure to check with yours before you go shopping.

Talk about expectations for the dress with your daughter. Getting on the same page with each other will help you avoid conflict during a shopping trip. Share the rules with her so she knows what is expected, and listen to her ideas. This will help you narrow in on the right dress when you go shopping, too.