5 Men’s Kurtas That Tell Stories You Just Can’t Miss!

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Nineteen years into the 21st century, many still hesitate to follow their dreams, to express themselves honestly, to not be diplomatic for the sake of others, and most importantly to look the way they wish to. It is time you let go of all these archaic inhibitions, and boldly wear your attitude. ReDesyn brings you five amazing Kurtas designed by independent artists. This wedding season, adopt the true idea of freedom and give them a chance, since only independent and unforced art can bolster true independence. Start this year by shedding your fear… This wedding Season… Dare to Wear.

  1. Psychedelic Dream Men’s Digitally Printed Kurta
Artist: T M Selcam

Dreaming is not a layman’s job. To have a dream… To be able to dwell in the limitless and uncomfortable corners of your subconscious to find that one end or that one beginning that defines you… it is not easy. If you’re a dreamer, here is something that will bring out your fearlessness and help you pursue your dream each moment.

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2. Quirky Auto Men’s Digitally Printed Kurta

Artist Loca Siopa

Before there was the GPS… Before there was Google… Before EVERYTHING… There were auto-rickshaw drivers, who knew every possible way to reach everywhere. If you are a person who seeks the mystery of journeys… If you are a traveller… No matter how well-off you are, you would be choosing to ride the rickshaw over anything else. If you too take pride in sitting in the machine that stands at the heart and core of Indian commercial travel, buy this amazing and dap Kurta today.

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3. Quirky Bicycle Men’s Digitally Printed Kurta

Artist Loca Siopa

We all have used support-wheels, have fallen and risen, have been pushed around the courtyard or a park by our parents… but one of the greatest moments of our lives has been when we have turned around to realize that we have been paddling by ourselves. The bicycle has been a major bookmark in our memories, having taught us so much about life that we still try to recall every now and then. Celebrate your memory of falling and rising… Celebrate your idea of Freedom… Wear this Colourful and Quirky Kurta today.

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4. Star Life Men’s Digitally Printed Kurta

Artist DesignsByMallika

Have you ever looked at the evening countryside sky and gotten lost in the thoughtful infinity of the endless stars? It makes you feel very small at first… but eventually, it brings a feeling of magnificence… of serenity. The fact that you are able to observe something much bigger than yourself and yet contemplate its majesty… doesn’t it make you equally great if not greater? Buy this abstract Kurta and clutch that greatness within your fists.

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5. Floral Men’s Digitally Printed Kurta

Artist GND Art Studio

Many consider a flower as a perfect object of enhancing the vanity of a place. Flowers aren’t just decoration though. They are Nature’s way to remind us of its organic perfection… of its unadulterated beauty. Not just that; nature also communicates to almost all of our senses through their medium. The dynamic colours, the loud fragrance, the magical shapes and symmetry or asymmetry, the tenderness of the smooth petals… everything reminds us of the unmatchable excellence of nature. If you love flowers as more than just objects of vanity, buy this graceful Kurta today.

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