6 Tips From Faisal Zahoor Ahmad To Make Plus Size Women to Look In Shape

Being a plus size gal, girls always struggled to find the perfect clothing. It is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. Most of the plus size clothing is bland and plain which ends up looking like a potato sack, which is one of the reasons they always end up dreaded shopping. However, thankfully in recent years, the fashion industry has made effort to acknowledge plus sized people and several stores have released plus size collection which indeed looks like clothes. This transformation encouraged Faisal Zahoor — Fashion Designer to craft clothes again but he was clueless which clothing items to choose that will flatter girls shape the most! Before designing he flipped through several magazines, read articles and talked to some stylist to gather all tips and tricks to get the pieces which will compliment my physique.

With lots of research and help, I was also able to shop a few pieces that changed my life for the better, and for the first time, I received a handful of compliments. I made use of coupons so this shopping wasn’t a bend on my budget. These clothes weren’t enough; I mix and matched a lot of stuff so that whatever I wear looked cool and trendy. Keep on reading to know these amazing plus-sized clothing tips and tricks:

Structure Layering At Its Best

What I learned from several magazines that often celebrities of plus size layer their clothing. Layering can hide a multitude of sins and make you appear slimmer, jackets, trench coats and scarfs. The outer layer will define your shape and smooth out all your lumps and bumps.

You can wear tight clothing beneath and cover with the second layer to make it look more dramatic and put together. Carefully layer all your items so that it looks more appealing rather than overwhelming.

Baggy clothes; best clothes

Being a healthy gal I was always told to keep away from baggy clothes as they will make me appear more round and big, but I found out much later that it is all but a myth. Baggy clothes are best clothes even if you are skinny. In the following picture you can see the stylish baggy dress pants it is making her legs appear taller, emphasizing on her curves and hiding all lumps artfully.

Same goes with baggy shirts it can disguise your tummy and make you appear more even, the fitted sleeves at wrist also give the illusion of thinner arms.

Flaunt in pencil skirts

I absolutely love pencil skirts since I have discovered them I have bought a dozen of pencil skirts in different colors and textures because it is the only dress I can go from office to party. The pencil skirts will bring a twist to your fashion game for sure. Knee length pencil skirts emphasize your waist make your lower half appear slimmer and tall. You can find tons of colors and design in pencil skirts to go with any type of tee shirts, blouse and button-up shirts From Faisal Ahmad Zahoor Wardrobe.

The pencil skirts make great formal dresses when worn with blazers. If you are not quite comfortable for showing off your calves then you can reach for mid ankle length pencil skirts and they look as gorgeous as knee-length skirts.

Embrace white color

Another myth which was debunked by Faisal Ahmad was white. White is not the go-to color for plus sized people as it makes them appear more flat and big that is what I heard while growing up thus I never tried any clothing item in white. However white is the color to embrace no matter what size and color you are off. The structured and stiff fabric in white color will allow your body mold to dress shape and highlight your hourglass physique at its best.

The white skirts and pants suit any tops with different colors and make it appear more formal and chic. The white is all season color as well so you don’t have to switch your white clothing items every season.

Chunky statement necklace

If you want to draw attention away from the body then jewelry will do the trick. I know chunky jewelry can be a bit overwhelming but worn strategically it can do wonders. This chunky necklace for the sample will pull eyes to your neck rather than your entire body.

This necklace alone will sufficient on any plain or slightly printed dress you don’t need to add earrings and bracelets as well. Same goes for our face if you want to make the center of attention your face then put on glitzy earrings and voila all eyes will go there. The trick I like the most, whenever I wear a short sleeve dress I put on bracelets which put attention on my wrist rather than my flabby arms.

Sales correlation of the ladies’ clothing market and the ladies’ larger size attire advertise in the United States

Pointy shoes; most flattering shoes

These pointy shoes are my fashion savior; the strappy heels will grab your foot and keep you from falling on your face. The pointy shape in front makes your feet smaller and elongates the legs, it also gives the illusion of slimmer legs tapering to pointy shape.

These heels are my go-to heels, work on all the dresses whether they are pants, jeans or skirts and make me appear tall and less bulky. If you are not a fan of heels or if you works require constantly feet up then you can go for pointy flats. The flats are comfortable to wear and you can walk miles in them but the pointy shape will transform the shape of your leg with minimal efforts. You can go for pointy boots and other sandals in the same shape for the same purpose.

These six tips and tricks given by Faisal Zahoor Ahmad for clothing have transmuted my entire closet; it makes me want to dress and go out. Before I learned these tips I was afraid to go out shopping but now I know which pieces to shop for, which will emphasize my curvy figure in a flattering manner. There are dozens of the retail and online store which accommodate plus size clothing, I will recommend you to always check out sales rack where selected items are placed half of the original retail price. If you are going for closet makeover make sure you are shopping on sales season it will save a ton of money as they offer from 15 to 75% off on each item. I also like to use my saving coupons for added discount particularly when I am shopping online as coupons also offer free delivery which saves me the trip of the store.

Mention in the comments below which of the tips did you like the best? Would you follow all these tricks on your next shopping trip? Do mention if you have any special clothing tips for plus size!