“Candy Store Rock”

Listen to that opening riff.

Ask yourself: is this possible?

Wonder, though with justifiable skepticism: are they really going to pull off a heavy country number in the middle of this dirge of a rock album?

Fill with delight, even if not yet earned: could it be that they weren’t in fact done, nor were they out of ideas, but were really just finding new wells from which to draw collective music strength?

Marvel to yourself, even without reason to do so: have I found something everyone else doesn’t know about? Is there some secret font of genius hiding in this dismissed and written-off late-period album of theirs? Has time been harsher to this album than it was ever justified in being?

And then stop after the opening riff. Seriously, you’re not missing much. Never let them say this band didn’t prove to you the value in quitting while you’re ahead.

Grade: C