Chakrubs, the Brand Making Crystal Sex Toys Happen

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In recent years, society has pivoted from crystal-skeptical to crystal-obsessed. We’ve lined our bathtubs with pretty rocks, we’ve snapped many a New Age-y flatlay, and some of us have even taken to carrying crystals around in our pockets, hoping they’ll bring us some kind of good luck, or energy, or something. And thanks to a company called Chakrubs, our crystal obsession doesn’t have to end there—now, we can masturbate with crystals, too. You heard me right: Chakrubs is bringing crystal sex toys to the masses, empowering us all to experience crystal-induced orgasms once and for all. (Admit it—you’re curious.)

Chakrubs has all kinds of crystal sex toys on offer—playtime wands, anal plugs, cock rings, yoni eggs and more. While these crystal- and wood-based toys don’t physically vibrate, they reportedly have a vibrational energy that can stimulate your chakras and your clitoris. (Now that’s multi-tasking.) And before we go any further, yes, these New Age-y toys are actually safe to use. Chakrubs are made with 100 percent un-dyed crystals that are cut and shaped directly from the stone (no sketchy chemicals or artificial processes involved). The wooden details are crafted from walnut and/or maple, and are carefully coated with “Lubrosity”—an eco-conscious finish that ensures each toy is smooth, odorless, non-porous, hypoallergenic and body-safe.

So why would someone use a sex toy crafted from crystal and wood? Aside from sheer curiosity, there are a handful of reasons you might want to give these all-natural toys a try.

For starters, Chakrubs are eco-conscious—and ethically produced.

Many conventional sex toys are mass-produced by big corporations that aren’t doing their part to keep our environment clean. Vibrators, anal plugs, and many other sex toys are created from some form of plastic; and while sex toys definitely aren’t the sole cause of plastic pollution or waste in general, huge factories and plastic products definitely aren’t helping.

With Chakrubs, your toys are guaranteed plastic-free (apart from some bubblewrap used in the shipping process) and are created with 100 percent natural ingredients. Plus, these crystal sex toys are designed to “last a lifetime”—meaning no dead batteries, no degrading plastic and no other need to toss out and restock your sex toy collection every so often.

As if that weren’t enough, Chakrubs also ethically sources their crystals from Brazil and contributes to environmentally focused organizations, including the International Institute for Sustainable Development and the Arbor Day Foundation. (Nice work, Chakrubs.)

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Thank you to @thecools for the awesome feature! Link on our stories to read the full article ✨ I am staring at a selection of Chakrubs, the sex toy line created by Vanessa Cuccia that hopes to “bring a sense of sacredness to your playtime.” I pick up the rose quartz, this crystal meant for channeling unconditional love, and I hold it in my hand. It’s weighty and cold, but in a soothing way, a solid way. While the benefit of crystals have long been debated in and out of the scientific and spiritual communities, they’ve consistently maintained their mystique. There’s a reverence a crystal inspires, this thing that’s supposed to mean so much, that potentially has so much power, that whether not it actually “works” doesn’t necessarily matter. Even in the form of a dildo. 〰️ A nearby display of other sex toy lines features silicone structures in all shapes and sizes that buzz and shake and swirl in a candy store of colors. I run my fingers over them and they feel sticky to the touch. I press the button on one that curves like an old-school telephone handset. It shakes so much and so loud I fumble and laugh uncomfortably while trying to turn it off, eyes widening and teeth gritting in embarrassment. 〰️ Such is not the experience with Chakrubs. Produced with all-natural materials like the aforementioned quartz, but also maplewood, labradorite, amethyst, aventurine, jasper, and more, the company hopes each toy will help users will release themselves to the crystals’ healing properties, gleaning an energy of ease and comfort from the stones while opening themselves up to pleasure. No batteries or charging required. ✨ photo by @alexandrakacha for Chakrubs

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Chakrubs are also a more natural option than some of the other sex toys out there.

When it comes to putting things in our bodies, the main concern is often: Is this good for us? The same questions arise when we’re talking about sex toys—though dildos don’t tend to come with nutrition facts listed on their labels. (Not-so-fun fact: The sex toy industry isn’t even regulated by the FDA!)

Though the scientific jury’s still out on whether mass-produced sex toys are made with harmful chemicals, whats nice about Chakrubs is that you know exactly what you’re putting in your body. The brand exclusively uses non-porous crystals shaped directly from the “mother-stone,” and they bio-compatibly seal any natural wood products to ensure no splintering will take place. In other words, no more what-exactly-am-I-sticking-in-my-vagina-right-now guessing games—just straight-up crystals, rendered in sex toy form.

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“I have used sex toys in the past (dildos and vibrators made from plastic or silicone) and while I had been interested to buy a toy for myself, I didn’t feel called to buy something like I used to. It’s been 15 plus years since I have had a sex toy; I have since had 2 miscarriages, an unplanned c-section, and in the past three years have been processing childhood sexual trauma that I had previously been unconscious of. My husband and I are also separated, although living together. This has been the best gift to give to myself. I too simply slept with it next to me at first. Then I simply use it anyway I feel inspired to. I have always orgasmed easily, with or without penetration, and usually a combination of both. I’m used to my orgasms being intense, however this is a whole new level. One morning I actually felt myself surrounded by pink sparkly energy. I feel I am reclaiming my body and my sexuality, and allowing my inner little girl to be able to explore and play in a loving, safe way. Truly a gift. I can’t wait to create a collection. These stones are so healing. The way the package is shipped and the care with which this is packaged is beautiful. I can’t wait till I’m ready to purchase another one.” – from our customer reviews of the Heart slim model, available now on 💕 📸 @reesephotog

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Still, there are a couple Chakrubs caveats worth mentioning.

As a crystals skeptic, I’m a little reluctant to accept some of Chakrubs’ claims about their products. I’m not convinced that any dildo—no matter what it’s made from—can “teach the true essence of love,” “foster a generous outlook,” or “release blockages in the heart chakra.” But hey—to each their own, right?

What gets me is that Chakrubs suggests that some of its products are capable of “removing blocks caused by sexual trauma.” While I appreciate the acknowledgment of sexual trauma, claiming that buying a crystal dildo is a magic-wand solution to moving on from sexual trauma—or any trauma, really—feels a step beyond disingenuous. There’s definitely something to be said for how things like masturbation, self-love and healing-based rituals can help someone heal their relationship with their body, or sex, or their past. But reducing it to a single sex toy fails to open up the bigger, more nuanced discussion this topic warrants.

On a far less serious note, the toys are also pricey. This makes sense, given how they’re crafted and sourced, but they certainly fall outside this writer’s budget. In the meantime, you can catch me aligning my chakras with yoga, giving myself an orgasm for free and admiring these stunning dildos from afar. But if you’re not put off by the price-point, scroll down—Chakrubs await.

chakrubs crystal sex toys 1 Chakrubs Wants You to Extend Your Love of Crystals to Your Masturbation Routine (Seriously)

1. The Heart Curve, $189 at Chakrubs

chakrubs crystal sex toys 2 Chakrubs Wants You to Extend Your Love of Crystals to Your Masturbation Routine (Seriously)

2. The Prism Original, $179 at Chakrubs

chakrubs crystal sex toys 3 Chakrubs Wants You to Extend Your Love of Crystals to Your Masturbation Routine (Seriously)

3. The Rose Root, $159 at Chakrubs

chakrubs crystal sex toys 4 Chakrubs Wants You to Extend Your Love of Crystals to Your Masturbation Routine (Seriously)

4. The Indian Jade Slim, $129 at Chakrubs

chakrubs crystal sex toys 5 Chakrubs Wants You to Extend Your Love of Crystals to Your Masturbation Routine (Seriously)

5. Sirenetta, $300 at Chakrubs

chakrubs crystal sex toys 6 Chakrubs Wants You to Extend Your Love of Crystals to Your Masturbation Routine (Seriously)

6. The Clear Quartz Yoni Egg, $75 at Chakrubs

chakrubs crystal sex toys 7 Chakrubs Wants You to Extend Your Love of Crystals to Your Masturbation Routine (Seriously)

7. The Heart Slim, $139 at Chakrubs

chakrubs crystal sex toys 8 Chakrubs Wants You to Extend Your Love of Crystals to Your Masturbation Routine (Seriously)

8. The Nunchaku, $425 at Chakrubs

chakrubs crystal sex toys 9 Chakrubs Wants You to Extend Your Love of Crystals to Your Masturbation Routine (Seriously)

9. Il Mondo, $85 at Chakrubs

chakrubs crystal sex toys 10 Chakrubs Wants You to Extend Your Love of Crystals to Your Masturbation Routine (Seriously)

10. Forrest, $350 at Chakrubs

chakrubs crystal sex toys 11 Chakrubs Wants You to Extend Your Love of Crystals to Your Masturbation Routine (Seriously)

11. The Obsidian Yoni Egg, $70 at Chakrubs


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