Don’t Blame Me- The Sunset EP [Josh Phillip]

I’m a sufferer among other things 
I’m a lover, this Isn’t new to me 
I’m a liar, I am a human being 
Don’t blame me for seeing what I wanna see

Don’t blame me for seeing what I want 
Don’t change face to appear what you’re not 
When you’re afraid, irritated, dismayed 
And you’re thinking you’re the only thing that you got 
You gotta lift your head and keep on looking up 
To see the world around can be just what you want 
Acting like yourself not being no one else 
Is the key to find happiness in every spot 
It’s obvious to see the pain can be a lot 
Can take all that you have and leave you out to rot 
Can make you second guess and put you to the test, 
address what you’ve repressed and let yourself be taught

He’s back at it, he’s back at it 
God damn man that’s a really bad habit you have 
What’s it gonna take, when you gonna break it 
What you gonna make, how you gone replace it 
What you gonna do when you feel complacent and faithless 
You’re faced with the weight of the world 
There’s just one sole solution yeah love is the word 
Let it radiate out, let it change what you’ve heard 
Let it reshape your mind, take control of your life 
With every single thing you do, do what is right 
Cause in the heat of the moment you might just forget 
That there ain’t nothing worse than waking up with regret