Engaged! Now What?

Your other half has just popped the question. Whether you were expecting it or not, we bet you are super exited to start sharing your news.

Here are a 10 things that you may have not thought about but should know!

    1. You will be tempted to jump in to wedding planning right away! This is not a bad thing but it is always nice to take some time to enjoy the engagement before starting to plan the big day. Don’t be hasty as you may change your mind a few times before making final decisions about what the two of you want for the day. Surely there are a few things you could start doing such as gather ideas and take notes of things that catch your eye; although leave all final decision making and bookings for latter.

    2. Some people will share your excitement others will not! The same way you have come to realize that you can’t always make everyone happy with your decisions; this will probably be the case with your engagement too. Some people may not seem to keen on the idea or your choice and that is OK.

    3. Those who do share your excitement will want to know it all! Be prepared to have to keep telling the story of how he proposed. Also people will start asking questions that you do not have the answers to; Like the date and location! Don’t let this get you nervous as this is just how people usually express their interest and excitement.

    4. If you have not given your hands much attention, now you will! Now that you have the ring on your finger you might look a little obsessed with looking at your hand. This is normal even if you are not much of a jewellery person. This symbolic piece on your finger will feel special and people will ask to see it. So it might be nice to get a manicure.

    5. Wedding related shows and movies become more interesting! It is true; once you are a bride to be, you will enjoy watching wedding related shows and movies a little/lot more than you used to. There is no funner way to take notes and ideas while having fun with  your girlfriends and watching a chick flick.

    6. You probably already know all there is to know about your other half. Do you? Sometimes you don’t have to know everything, and leaving somethings to be discovered as you go ahead is ok. But other things are important to know. You and your life partner should have at least a basic idea of where each of you stand on certain subjects like having kids. Religion and Values. These are a few things that you might want to consider talking about before setting a wedding date.

    7. Everyone is a wedding planner! Your mother, his mother, your friends, that couple that just got married… Just about everyone will want to have their say about where,what and how to go about the big day. Remind yourself that no matter what you and your other half are the ones that will decide in the end. So be gracious when others give their input without allowing them to take over.

    8. Save! This is a good time to start saving as a couple… Not for a wedding but for a marriage! Life brings a world-wind of ups and downs with no warning and it can not hurt to have some safety cash stashed away for those rainy days.

    9. Time together! So you have been going to friends and family to give them the news and it seems like days have went by since you have been alone with your other half. Take some time to do something together; even if it is just to have a home cooked meal or watch a movie while sinking in each others arms.

    10. Get in shape! Make sure you keep a healthy exercise and eating lifestyle. Being in good shape will make it easier to find the dress of your dreams, when the time comes to start trying on dresses.