Fashion hunting in a concrete jungle:

For this week’s assignment, we were given something cool and fun to do and i.e. cool hunting.

Coolhunting is referred to as “trend spotting,” and is a subset of trend analysis.

So, for this, prasiddhi kapasi and I, went out searching for something really unique, something that could be trendy, something we would say is “in fashion” for the year 2018. We went about in a few places but couldn’t find anything eye-catchy until we saw these outfits on the mannequin in a mall.

Hunt no.1:

So we came across this really different shirt, on the mannequin of the DIESEL store. This really caught our eye because it was something super unique. Talking about two different prints on one piece of cloth, we ladies have experienced it on a lot of kurtis, last year.

Talking about the shirt:

Category: a fad that we haven’t seen much in a lot of stores yet, neither are we hoping to.

Trickle up or trickle down: this might not get very popular in mass production, but it might look great on the ramp. So definitely, trickle up.

2018 predictions: this definitely looks like a very short period fad and not hoping to see this in the next year.


Jackets and coats are super versatile! They act like makeup on a dull day face, they save our #OOTD on the days our outfit looks dull or basic! Apart from the being convenient during chilly weather, layering has become a huge part of fashion. Layering not only adds a new dimension to an outfit but can also make a boring basic outfit extremely stylish and fashionable.

CATEGORY: the buyers of jackets are everywhere, we feel. From men to women to kids, jackets have become a “must have” in everyone’s wardrobe. Denim, leather, fur jackets, trench coats all of these give a classy oomph to any basic outfit.

Trickle up or trickle down: We’ve seen jackets everywhere and on everyone since a long time and this is something we wish we get to see more and more in each category. Trickle down definitely!

2018 predictions: with a huge amount of people who still don’t get over this, we might not stop seeing them, they will stay with new and new varieties. This one especially, we think will be seen as formal wear. This can also be modified to a unisex overcoat as slight variation in it would look great as a layering content in the men’s wear collection.


Plaid pants:

With people experimenting a lot with their bottom wear, this can be really cool to add to one’s wardrobe. We have seen plaid skirts in the year 2015 and they definitely were a huge hit. It seems to be a great item to add to your “must have” list this fall.

Category: These trousers are versatile: You can pair them with a matching blazer for a suited-up look or just dress them up with a blouse and platform sandal.

Trickle up or trickle down: For all those girls wanting a model like outfit, this seems like a nice option.

2018 predictions: It’s difficult to tell how long will they last but they don’t look great for the summer and therefore, we might not see them in the summer of 2018.