Gucci Holiday 2016 Makeup Collection

Gucci does not really stray from their makeup staples, rather they add in new colors and shades for the holidays, some of which are, on occasion limited edition. For the most part the colors are folded into the overall impressive amount of makeup options offered by the well-known luxury brand. The Gucci holiday 2016 makeup collection is already available for purchase on, but also at such e-tailer sites as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

Gucci Holiday 2016 Makeup Collection

It can be hard at times to get as excited by the release of a Gucci holiday collection in comparison to other brands that introduce new formulas, colors, textures and so on. That does not mean that the offerings by Gucci are in any way unimpressive. Each object is amazing and long wearing, so take a deep look at the products and consider the number of beautiful looks that can be created by them.

Gucci Sheer Blushing Powder ($49.00)

Gucci’s new blushing powder will lightly boost the color on the apples of your cheeks without becoming overwhelming on the first swipe. It is formulated to take very little to achieve what you want. It is going to cost you something, but it won’t be your piece of mind. The color will stay, soft and beautifully in place hours later.

• 020 Coral Flower – soft coral pink
• 030 Soft Peach – soft peach

Gucci Holiday 2016 Makeup Collection

Gucci Magnetic Color Shadow Quad ($65.00)

The greatest feature of the newest Gucci eyeshadow palette is that the four included colors complement each other. Each shade is hyper pigmented and meticulously chosen to provide the maximum number of incredible looks with four shimmering colors.

• 030 Crystal Copper – honey-beige colors

Gucci Magnetic Color Shadow Mono ($37.00)

The new Gucci mono eyeshadow is an intensely, deeply pigmented taupe color that will shimmer in any light and look great within a plethora of looks. The compact that holds this single eyeshadow color is chic and branded with the gold double G on a black compact with a shiny gold band.

• 040 Starlight – sparkling light taupe

Gucci Smokey Eye Pencil ($32.00)

Gucci is releasing three colors of the smokey eye pencil, which has a beveled foam tip perfect for smudging and cleaning up the lines for your look. The colors available are a rich black rich that is everything you want in a black eyeliner pencil, a great mermaidesque bluish green and finally a shimmering beige color.

• 110 Iconic Black – black
• 140 Iconic Ottanio – bluish green
• 170 Sunstone – sparkling beige

Gucci Holiday 2016 Makeup Collection

Gucci Infinite Length Mascara ($34.00)

The iconic Gucci mascara comes in a staple 010 Black, ironically in a black on black rectangular container with a plush looking brush. The top of the applicator features the imprinted double G logo, while the top is the gold filigree double G. The mascara is lengthening and deeply black, an ideal mascara for any look.

Gucci Sensuous Deep-Matte Lipstick ($40.00)

Matte lipstick has a long way to go as a trend and shows no sign of dropping off. The color, 300 Iconic Red is a bold and lustrous long-wear red shade that is in an interesting angled tube for easy and accurate application.

Gucci Luxurious Moisture Rich Lipstick ($39.00)

The moisture rich formula goes on smooth and opaque within a stunning golden lipstick tube. The color – 320 Ethereal is a nude pink that looks good on a wide variety of skin tones.

Gucci Holiday 2016 Makeup Collection

Gucci Bold High-Gloss Lacquer ($29.00)

The offered colors for the Gucci holiday makeup line in terms of nail lacquers are an iridescent and metallic gold called and a high gloss red. Both colors feature the long-wear, high-gloss formula created by Gucci. The tops are pressed with the double G logo all the way around with the same symbol in gold on top.

• 050 Metallic Sand – golden sand
• 120 Iconic Red – red

Photos courtesy of Gucci