How to Keep Black Clothes from Fading

Chic. Professional. Classic. Black is always in style — until it’s faded and dingy after a few washes. There’s a million different theories on how to retain black clothing’s original color; from never washing your jeans (gross!) to keeping them out of sunlight (nearly impossible). Here are a few methods that have proven tried and true.

Vinegar really works

Yep, it’s a little smelly. But soaking clothing in some diluted vinegar for 10–15 minutes before washing does wonders for sealing the garment’s true color into the fabric. And once the item is thrown into the wash, you won’t notice the vinegar odor.

You can also add a cup of vinegar into the wash itself. It helps to pause the machine mid-wash and give the clothing 20–30 minutes to soak.

If you truly loathe the smell of vinegar, use a color sealing product like Shout Color Catcher or Retayne’s Color Fixative. That’ll do the trick!

Mom Knows Best

Moms really do. When it comes to black clothes, remember what your mom told you during your first semester of college — separate your colors! Black clothing does best when it’s washed with other black items only.

Chill Out

Black clothing washes best in cold water and on a shorter cycle. Hot water tends to loosen dyes and encourage them to bleed; washing black items in the coldest temperature possible will help them retain color. Also, remember to turn black jeans inside out! They’ll be just as clean at the end of the wash, we promise.

Dry the Old Fashioned Way

In order to retain the color and also the proper fit of black clothes, it’s best to always air dry. If you’re short on time, be sure to select a low heat setting on the dryer. Similarly to washing in hot water, the heat from the dryer breaks down the fibers of black garments causing them to fade quickly.

Follow these steps to keep those dark-colored clothing items crisp and colorful. You can also save yourself time and stress by letting 2ULaundry take it off your hands. Our laundry servicesoffer free weekly laundry pickup and customizable wash preferences to ensure every item is washed exactly how you want it!