How To Style An Oversized Blazer For A Sexy & Sleek Look

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Blazers are always a fashion staple worth investing in. They’re versatile, classic, bossy, sleek, and timeless. Traditionally blazers have been worn conservatively, but I’m going to show you how to style an oversized blazer for a sexy & sleek look. Keep scrolling for more boo. ❤

How To Style An Oversized Blazer

Okay, so how to style an oversized blazer… It’s important to wear items that make you feel confident and comfortable, this outfit accomplishes both of those. This oversized blazer from OneTeaspoon actually shocked me with the quality. Not because OneTeaspoon has poor quality — I love their quality — but because you can really never tell online you know? I typically recommend trying blazers on before purchasing because the fit is one of the most important aspects. You don’t want to feel like a sack of frumpy potatoes. However, I highly recommend this blazer:)

I chose to not wear a shirt under which might not seem sophisticated at first, but when you’re wearing all oversized items, it’s good to balance it out with some skin. Unless you live where it’s cold, then you can wear a black or white long sleeve underneath. To finish off this easy look I paired the blazer with high waisted pants and white bootie heels. You can make this outfit your own in so many ways whether it’s by switching up the pants to something more simple like black flowy pants, layering necklaces or a neck scarf, or switching out the white boots for strappy heels. There are endless ways to style this look, but hope this helped you get a starting point & inspire you guys:)

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