This two work of art comes from the concourses of Manila International Airport. What I thought about it is the color of this burlap: Black for the departure and White for the arrival. Those colors have its meanings, commonly people associated the color black to sadness, pessimist and other negative things however, this color can be also associated with elegance and and power. I realize that this color exactly what people including foreigners feel as they depart. This is where they have to say goodbye to their love ones and/or new found friends behind.

Contrary, the color white denotes for innocence, purity, safety and usually it has a positive connotation. Filipinos and visitors continuously go in and out of our country. The other work of art titled “arrival” was in color white.

The impression I got with this is a positive feeling because it is where people get impatient, this is where people will be reunited with their love ones after a long time, this is where they run to each other, this is where they hug and kiss, or this is the start of a new chapter of someone else. Basically, this is the end of being apart and missing someone or the beginning of starting a new chapter of life.