It’s all about the bride

You might think that from the moment the ring is put on a girls finger that something triggers and that she eats, sleeps and breathes wedding! In most cases this has started long before he popped the question. Many girls have been envisioning their wedding day since they were little girls wearing their mothers heels and using the window curtains as a veil. 

In reality the moment the ring is on the finger is the moment where the girl becomes a bride and the day she always dreamed of starts becoming a near future reality.

Every girl want to be the best version of herself on her wedding day. And everything from her hair to her dress, to the shoes, to her nails gain an importance that would be not so important in other cases. And why all the fuss? Well, probably because this day is dedicated to celebrating the most special thing humans have in this world “Love”.
After so many heartaches, bad dates, blind dates, frustrations and sometimes fear of not being able to find your better half. You finally manage to find that one person who you feel can stand by you on the day of your wedding and for the rest of your life. So, yes! A girl should want this day to be wonderful and remembered as the beginning of her life with that one person she will dedicate the rest of her life to. Let us not forget that Marriage is “Until death do us part”.

Like a child before Christmas, the brides excitement grows as each day toward the wedding day gets closer.

Girls will be girls just like boys will be boys! The same way a guy will not be able to contain his excitement the day he gets his dream car. A bride to be will not be able to be contained as she starts her journey to find her dream dress and everything else that will make the wedding day resemble as close as possible to her dreams of a perfect wedding.

Ladies… Lets remember to play nice and be fair. Yes, you are the center of attention and all eyes are on you; but lets not forget that standing next to you is your dashing husband to be and that even though you might of been dreaming about this day for longer than he has, all of the prep in the world would not be relevant if it were not for him. Ultimate goal for your wedding day is to spend the day together, in love and not as cat and dog.

Congratulations to the both of you and to your life lasting love that the both of you will share.

Enjoy the preparations toward this special event. You may get overwhelmed so find support in eachothers embrace. 

xoxo Natasha G.