Quality ‘fits’ are a form of art for Cerritos College student

In our everyday lives, we somehow in someway portray ourselves, as well as our creativity, through fashion. Whether it’s from the colors to the sneakers, or following the latest trends, fashion will regardless have an impact on society, culture, and the definition of one’s self.

In his interview, Ramiro Vasquez strutted a gelato sweater vest by GolfWang in the color blue, accessorizing it with a Gucci watch and a pair of Air Maxes.

One individual, specifically, caught the attention of many of his peers at Cerritos College through his expensive taste in fashion.

Actor in the making, Ramiro Vasquez, who is majoring in film, undeniably agrees with this idea. He sees it as not only his top priority everyday, but as a form of art.

“The idea of changing outfits with variations of clothing, ranging from the designs of shoes, pants, shirts, jackets, etc. it is one of the many artistic forms of expression. It’s quite impressive to see how all the pieces that you wouldn’t see together would actually make a pretty neat outfit,” states Vasquez.

As a part of this new generation, there are specific preferences, and that might include high-end brands which briefly describes Vasquez’s style, or what he characterizes as “amazingly distinct.”

With no inspirational individuals to look up to for guidance, he’d rather just explore his social media pages to see what’s hot. From there, he arranges what look fits him best rather than categorizing him into just one certain group.

Vasquez looks for three essentials before every purchase, and that is style, color and, of course, the quality rather than the quantity. His brands may go from Gucci to Louis Vuitton, and GolfWang to Goyard.

His outfits each day are dramatically different without repeats, regardless if it is even the accessories or shoes, he would rather put a new look together to share with the world.

On a casual cold morning, Vasquez is rocking a GolfWang’s Theque 3M puffy jacket with matching track pants in white.

According to Vasquez, “When I go through my closet and pick out my ‘fit’ for the day, I compare it to what I eat. Who wants to eat the same thing everyday. I personally don’t, so that’s how I see it with my clothes. Repetitiveness is overrated.”

However, Vasquez isn’t blessed from the gods or his parents with cash whenever he wants. He actually works two jobs to cover this ‘luxurious’ life he likes to live.

Vasquez currently works at Chic-fil-a, and his second job is as a baker for a local grocery store. He confirmed that he will be soon placed as manager. He is quite excited for what is to come in the future with this new raise.

You might be asking, well how does a student like him balance school life with his jobs? If he’s living up to a lavish lifestyle, how does he make time for his education? Well that’s easy, Vasquez is sure to schedule everything coherently without overlaps, with still time for a social life.

As mentioned, Vasquez is just like every other kid except with an opulent taste. But, he doesn’t discourage individuals who do not share the same tastes as him. In his opinion, he sees fashion as just purely fashion.

Although he isn’t a supporter of counterfeits, he further discussed that, “It really isn’t about where the piece was from, it is more about the craftsmanship put into that piece.”