The Best Art Trends of 2019 for Corporate Events

The Many Art Trends of 2019

Art, let’s be real, it’s a rapidly changing industry. While Pablo Picasso and Van Gogh used to be the big deals, now we have makeup artists such as James Charles and Jeffree Star. However, even though the popular style of art may have changed, the basis of paint has not. With the evolution of expressionism and art skills, it can be somewhat complicated and tiring to try to keep up with them all. That’s why we’ve decided to make it simple, and use one incredible artist to showcase the multitude of futuristic art trends of 2019 for the corporate meeting industry.

Live Event Painting

From moving to Nashville, Tennessee with dreams of an aspiring singer to the discovery of her artistic talents, Heidi Schwartz found her real passion for performing live event painting and has been doing it ever since. As she sets up her paints and canvas, her professionalism is displayed, she even performs in designer dresses, which are painted and splattered in the end, creating an, even more, exciting atmosphere. After she is set up, however, she begins the process of picking out the most poignant bits and pieces of the room and transforms them into the unique take of her surroundings. As she continues to paint such a masterpiece, an audience gathers around her to watch. However, this merely another part of live event painting. From tradeshows to general sessions, Heidi’s act of live event painting is indeed one of the most futuristic art trends of 2019 that you need to know about when planning corporate events.

One Canvas

The traditional art style, the one canvas painting is the standard for live event painting. As mentioned above, Heidi will take an ordinary blank canvas and transform it into a masterpiece to remember the event by. With her unique artistic take on every occasion, Schwartz can see behind the object and focus on the story of which it tells, a feat only an artist could so effortlessly accomplish. From an apple to a mirror, the possibilities of what Hiedi can transform into artwork is truly limitless. That is especially on a single canvas, which is just another of the many corporate art trends.

Wall of Inspiration

Are you inspired to do something? See something? Change something? Speak up about it! At least, that’s what this add on to the many art trends of 2019 is all about. That’s right, this is it, the wall of inspiration! But what exactly is it? Well, it starts when the company picks a topic or sentence that they want their audience to respond to. The next step comes when it’s put up on a wall, and everyone writes down a sentence or quote about what the idea means to them. Next, Heidi creates an abstract painting from what everyone puts down on the wall of inspiration. Pretty interesting, right? In a rapidly changing world where everyone’s opinions matter, it’s sure to be one of the most popular art trends of 2019 in the corporate industry.

Multi-Canvas Painting

The last, but certainly not least trend is the multi-canvas painting. That is, of course, when Heidi sets up multiple smaller canvases together as one canvas and paints the whole set. Afterward, however, she takes it apart, and it becomes various squares you can display in different places, creating one of the most exciting art trends of 2019. From one whole painting to an array of abstract paintings, there’s still no doubt that this art style is sure to wow every crowd at any event.

The Art Industry is Rapidly Changing

And with that change comes a variety of art trends of 2019. What a long way painting has happened since we first discovered we could create pictures. Now there’s makeup artists, tattoo artists, and interior designers. Yes, the art industry has evolved, but the basis of painting remains. So, if you’re in need of a live painter for your next corporate event, check out Heidi Schwartz, a true renaissance woman when it comes to live painting. With her keeping up with the times and most significant art trends of 2019, you’re ensured to have only the top performance at your corporate event, no matter which live art form you choose.