The Cheapest Designer Items with the Most Obvious Logos

If you’re anything like me, you love designer items, but you’re also very low on funds. As much as I wish I was like Jeffree Star, who practically owns the entire Gucci store, I’m not. I always have my eye out for the cheapest designer items, however, many of them are still hundreds of dollars and rarely have the designer logo visible; which is the whole point of buying them, right? Here are a few of the cheapest, yet still flashy designer items I have on my wishlist.

I’m not sure if this was common knowledge, but I was very suprised to find out that the classic “Return to Tiffany” necklace was only $125! TIffany’s is such a classic designer brand, this necklace one of their most iconic pieces and everyone will instantly recognize where it’s from, and only for $125? Sign me up!

I died when I saw this bracelet. I absolutely loved the style of this bracelet, with the golden trunk inspired clasp and the classic Louis Vuitton Monogram Print, you don’t have to buy an expensive bag anymore to show of your love for all things Louis Vuitton. And it’s only $255!

Alright, I’m sure everyone has seen these Gucci belts, but I figured I’d throw them in anyways because I was truly surprised by the price. I can’t believe these Gucci belts are only $350! Typically for something with a designer logo that big, you’re going to spend at least $900. Since these are becoming extremely popular, if you want to switch things up from the classic black Gucci belt, it also comes in White and Dusty Pink. If you’re on the search for something timeless, long lasting, and something you will get a lot of use out of, this is your guy.

This card case is GORGEOUS. I may be tad bias as I tend to gravitate towards everything pink, and unfortunately that is the only color this specific card case comes in. However, it is only $255! I love this card case because it is from a classic brand, but the millenial pink color makes it seem a bit more modern.