The Two Must Have Fabrics for the Coldest of Seasons

The cold weather remains even with the winter holiday season coming to an end. Luckily staying warm this season can be solved by stocking up on the best and warmest fabrics.


If you are looking to make more of a statement next snow storm, then velvet may be the better option for you. Soft, warm, and rooted in royalty, velvet is less commonly worn (as compared to wool) due to its price and luxuriousness. Of course, a special occasion is not necessary to break out the velvet. Thanks to its weight, the heavy material is often chosen as a go to fabric in the quest for warmth. BCBGeneration showcases the versatility of velvet in their Pleated Velvet Surplice Jumpsuit. With long sleeves, a tall waistband, and pinstripes, this jumpsuit emits festivity, warmth, and comfort.

For those looking to layer, velvet can also be seen in outerwear. Alix of Bohemia showcases leopard print cotton velvet in their Jagger Jacket. A true statement piece, the outfit can be completed with matching jeans. Adding their Jerry Jeans in Velvet Leopard to the Jagger Jacket allows you to be covered head to toe in high fashion leopard velvet and more importantly, warmth to bear the coldest storms.

Jumpers, sweaters, coats and jackets- the type of clothing needed to stay warm is no secret but the material you choose can make all the difference in the world. As the cold weather continues, staying warm means choosing your materials carefully. Whether you decide to go with the insulating wool or to stand out in velvet, these two materials are sure to keep you fashionable and warm, throughout autumn, winter, and any cold days that may follow. Check out our latest velvet collection for more inspiration.


Produced from animals, wool is a fabric common during all seasons. Fashionable and versatile, wool becomes an especially good choice during colder weather thanks to its make up. Air pockets between the fibers of wool help trap heat and act similarly to an insulator. Even when the wearer moves, the fibers keep the air still allowing heat to be retained. The warmest of fabrics, wool is often used for sweaters such as in Kallmeyer’s Slate Grey Merino Core Jumper. This sweater showcases low-pilling merino wool in an “easy to wear, easy to care for” way to stay warm.

When sweaters are not enough, layer up! The BCB Generation Hooded Faux Wool Trench offers an edgy twist on the traditional trench. With a detachable hood, and added belt, this coat incorporates vegan alternatives such as faux wool and faux leather, which offer all the warmth of the genuine fabrics with an ethical bonus.