What if a retailer welcomes you to their store by your name?

We Welcome you with all our heart

The old-fashioned and lost retail practice has an essence of its own. How did they manage to personalize without technology? It is their charm, good old-fashion customer service where “everyone knows your name”.

In the era of e-commerce and online shopping, bombarding the customers with ads in every social media platform possible, the art of subtlety in marketing and connecting with the customers in retail stores is lost. While e-commerce is taking over the world, it is important for the retailers to is deliver customer care that stands out from local competition and even big-box competitors.

Old-fashioned customer care is appealing for customers nowadays because it stands out from the norm and the old-fashioned practice is unexpected which makes them appreciate you much more. This reminiscent from the old days will make the customers keep you on top of the mind when it comes to future purchases thus making them loyal to the brand.

Imagine yourself as a consumer. When was the last time that someone greeted you by your name as you entered a store? Wouldn’t it make you feel important and special if they practice this lost art?

We understand that knowing every customers’ name is impossible these days and Centareum is here to help retailers by tackling this exact same problem. Retailer businesses can request for their potential customer’s data in an exchange with their brand token. Also, Centareum’s high location precision technology detects customer’s entry into the store seamlessly. This way, you will be notified when a customer enters along with his name. You can greet him and put a smile thus creating an instant connection.

Incorporating old-fashioned charm may not be cutting edge, but it’s still a leading way to gain customer attention and customer retention… two things any business can appreciate.

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