What to Wear on Vacation and when Traveling by Plane

Do you plan the clothes you’re taking on a trip the same way you plan your vacation? Avoid taking up space with unnecessary clothes. Save it for the souvenirs.

Traveling with the wrong attire can result in an uncomfortable experience and unexpected expenses at the clothing stores. Look ahead, pack right and be comfortable while you’re away from home. offers clothing tips for your upcoming plane ride and how to keep cool (or stay warm) along the way.

Airplane Clothes and the Weather

Looking at the weather forecast for your destination is a necessary task before putting the first garment in your suitcase. To some extent, we all have our clothing either separated or categorized for hot and cold temperatures. Here’s where this becomes very handy!

Travel Clothes — Comfort is the word to remember. Chances are that you will be sitting in the same seat and same position for hours at a time. The following will help you determine what to pack and wear:

• Make a list of the locations and events you will visit and plan your outfits accordingly. If you are a last minute packer, you run the risk of forgetting things or worse, packing all one color or clashing colors. The last thing you want to do is look back at your pictures and wish you had planned better.
• Avoid tight clothing that could restrict your circulation. The last thing you want is to get up to use the restroom and your legs or feet are “asleep.” 
• Wear layers. As the temperature is controlled on airplanes, it could get very uncomfortable if you are temperature sensitive and unable to adjust.
• Bring a sarong. A sarong can be used as many things including a towel, a curtain, or an extra piece of clothing to help you keep warm. They are easy to use and a compressible component within your luggage. 
• Wear comfortable, easy to remove shoes. Keep in mind that you may have to remove them when you go through airport security and you may want to slip them off at some point during your flight.
• Expect the unexpected. For every two days away from home, pack an extra set of undergarments. An extra pair of shoes, an extra shirt or blouse, and an extra dress or pair of slacks. The extra garments will help you navigate through any mishaps or accidents.

Layovers and Destination — Check the weather forecast for the locations of your layover(s) and destination. Depending on the season and the weather, you may want to pack a windbreaker or collapsible coat. Depending on where you leave from, you may need to leave space in your carry-on luggage to pack your heavier clothes as you reach your destination.

Prepare for Changes — The weather can change unexpectedly virtually anywhere you travel to. Contact your travel agency, friends at the location, or hotel staff where you will be staying and ask them what the weather is like and what rapid changes to expect.

Visit to get the daily or extended forecast for virtually anywhere in the world. And for some great ideas for current fashion and comfortable clothing, visit

Local Clothing Stores

Knowing what to pack for a trip can be a bit difficult, especially if it is your first time at that location. Fortunately, local clothing stores can help you get the appropriate attire for the weather or for cultural needs.

Cultural Clothing — It helps to do a little research on the fashion trends of your destination. Knowing the style of the locals will help you blend in, avoid extra expenses, and dress appropriately for a night out, a business meeting, a ski trip or a day at the beach.

While you may not want the extra expense, plan for it. This way you can avoid being uncomfortable or feeling out of place. Chalk it up to experience and be better prepared the next time you go there.

Gifts — T-shirts, scarves, and local traditional clothing make great gifts for friends and loved ones. Just make sure that you have the luggage space to accommodate the additional garments. Artisan bracelets, necklaces, watches, and other accessories make great gifts too. Make sure you treat yourself as well.

The Right Travel Attire for a Perfect Trip

Planning ahead for hot or cold weather will help you travel comfortably and in style. Avoid over-packing or under-packing by doing a little research and knowing what to expect on your voyage.

In this article, you discovered how to determine what clothes are necessary for a plane trip, layover, and your destination. You also uncovered helpful tips to keep you from standing out at your destination and when local clothing stores may come in handy.

Without looking ahead, you are setting yourself up for an uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing experience. Pack your bags with the knowledge of the weather and culture ahead and have an amazing trip.

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