Why it’s important to make the right choices at your wedding!

This picture was obviously taken on my wedding by the very talented people at @123weddingalbum

So, here’s the thing. There was a lot of pressure on the people I love to make my wedding a huge affair. There are certain things I can’t control, and my wedding was one of them.

So, when a date was set, all the madness called the wedding prep began. Venue, invitation, food, guests, travel and accompanying, and most importantly, the wedding dress.

Being a Malayali meant having to change a lot of clothes during the wedding. I wanted something simple because it honestly did not make any sense to spend a bomb on my saree that I probably wouldn’t wear again.

The wedding was something I had some say in, not all, because it all came down to my grandma’s wishes and pressure from relatives who never took interest in my life otherwise.

What I did have a say in was my photographer. I’ve always been very self conscious as to how I look. So, it was very important to me to make sure I got someone who I was comfortable around.

I hate posing. I hate pretending to be happy when I’m actually nervous about the wedding, to look into the distance and smile at nothing. Yes, there were a few of those photos, but then I had made it clear that those pictures might look great but it wouldn’t be me. And then this happened.

This picture was taken when I was saying hi to someone who had come in to the dressing room to wish me luck. And the photographer saw an opportunity. And he clicked. This was the result. Me. Naturally me.

Anyone who knows me know this is how I am at all times. I laugh at any given time, even if someone is giving me some serious advice about how I’m too fat for their liking. All said and done, this is me. This is how I am, and this is how I will be. Take it or leave it. The choice is yours, just the way I choose to be the same goofy, carefree person that I am. It’s all about the choices we make. 🙂